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Thursday, 21 November
08:00-08:10 Welcome and introduction (M. Lind, J. Menetrey)
08:10-08:20 How to screen a PCL tear (M. Rathcke)
08:20-08:40 PCL reconstruction (incl. video) (S. Scheffler)
08:40-08:50 Questions to "teachers"
08:50-09:05 Coffee break
09:05-11:35 First Lab Session:
                    a. Standard PCL reconstruction
                    b. Graft harvesting
                    c. Portal to access
                    d. Fluoroscopy or not?
                    e. Mono bundle or double bundle?
11:35-11:55 Questions to "teachers" about surgical indications (first lab session)
11:55-12:40 Lunch
12:40-12:50 How to deal with multiligament injuries in the emergency room (K. Eriksson)
12:50-13:05 How to repair or reconstruct the medial side (incl. video) (M. Lind)
13:05-15:35 Second Lab Session:
                   a. Postero medial reconstruction
                   b. Acute: MCL repair
                   c. Chronic: different reconstructions available
15:35-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:10 Question to “teachers” about surgical indications (second lab session)

Friday, 22 November
08:00-08:15 How to Repair or reconstruct the lateral side (J. Menetrey)
08:15-10:45 Third Lab Session:
                    a. Postero lateral reconstruction
                    b. Acute: LCL repair
                    c. Chronic: different reconstructions available
10:45-11:05 Questions to "teachers" about surgical indications
11:05-11:20 Closure and meeting evaluation
11:20-12:00 Lunch

The lectures will be directly correlated to what the attendee will perform in the laboratory.
The attendee is expected to learn how to diagnose a PCL tear followed by options available for reconstruction.

Specifics of a PCL reconstruction will be demonstrated both theoretically and through video presentations in the lectures. The attendee will then perform these procedures under supervision and discuss issues such as graft harvesting, preferred portals, use fluoroscopy or not, and single bundle vs double bundle.

Management of multiligament injuries in the emergency room, early repair or late reconstruction will be discussed with emphasis on the posteromedial side (acute MCL repair and MCL reconstruction) and the posterolateral side (acute posterolateral repair and posterolateral reconstruction).

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