Posterior ankle arthroscopy for treating os trigonum syndrome; and acute or chronic os trigonum fractures.
Ankle arthroscopy combined with hardware removal for chronic pain after ankle fracture
Uniplane medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy relative to a biplane osteotomy can reduce the incidence of lateral-hinge fracture
ESSKA Academy, Bong Soo Kyung, 284355
Uniplanar medial opening-wedge high tibial osteotomy can reduce the increase of posterior tibial slope more than biplanar high tibial osteotomy can
ESSKA Academy, Bong Soo Kyung, 284356
Intra-operative administration of combined platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and tranexamic acid spray further reduces total blood loss after primary total knee arthroplasty compared to standard of care: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial
ESSKA Academy, Reha TANDOGAN, 284357
TKA after HTO and extraarticular deformities
ESSKA Academy, Bruno VIOLANTE, 284358
Autologous adipose-derived stem cells in early knee osteoarthritis: identification of a subpopulation with greater response
ESSKA Academy, Alfredo Schiavone Panni, 284359
Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: modes of failure and conversion to total knee arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Alfredo Schiavone Panni, 284360
Achieving a balanced total knee by controlling the component position using robotics and intra-operative sensor technology without soft tissue release
ESSKA Academy, Julien BARDOU-JACQUET, 284361
Stiffness of the knee after TKA
ESSKA Academy, Tiberiu BATAGA, 284371
Evaluation of functional stability in patients after total knee arthroplasty: bi-cruciate stabilised versus cruciate retaining implants - a preliminary comparative study
ESSKA Academy, Maciej Bialy, 284372
Experience of using arthroscopy with gunshot penetrating injuries of the knee joint
ESSKA Academy, Juriy Klapchuk, 284373
Chiba osteotomy - indication and technique
ESSKA Academy, Umito Kuwashima, 284374
Combined anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with knee alignment osteotomy - results up to 5 years
ESSKA Academy, Raj Ramesh Thakrar, 284375
Knee kinematics after cruciate retaining highly congruent mobile bearing total knee arthroplasty: an in vivo dynamic RSA study
ESSKA Academy, Stefano Zaffagnini, 284376
Kinematical analysis of a medial stabilized total knee arthroplasty during sit to stand and lunge: an in vivo dynamic RSA study
ESSKA Academy, Stefano Zaffagnini, 284377
Midterm outcomes of patellofemoral matrix associated chondrocyte implantation - are they as good as femoral condyle outcomes?
ESSKA Academy, Edward Matthews, 284387
Natural course of Baker's cysts in a total knee arthroplasty population
ESSKA Academy, Roland Becker, 284388
Posterior stabilized design of a new generation total knee arthroplasty shows wider medial pivoting compared to the cruciate retaining design during chair raising
ESSKA Academy, Stefano Zaffagnini, 284389
Patellar denervation is not useful in total knee arthroplasty with patellar resurfacing
ESSKA Academy, Pedro Hinarejos, 284390
Comparison of all-polyethylene and metal-backed tibial components in total knee replacement (TKA)
ESSKA Academy, Gian Luigi Canata, 284391
A new software to detect and measure the gait with a smartphone in the sock
ESSKA Academy, Fabio Conteduca, 284392
Knee alignment in failed high tibial osteotomy does not influence functional outcomes after revision total knee arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Jerry Chen, 284393
Lesions of the biceps pulley: a prospective study and classification update
ESSKA Academy, Frank Martetschlager, 284403
Synthetic patch augmentation of irreparable tears of the rotator cuff
ESSKA Academy, Roger Hackney, 284404
Different answering scales used within the Constant-Murley Score are not interchangeable
ESSKA Academy, Freek Hollman, 284405
Equivalence between digital and paper-based Western Ontario Rotator Cuff index (WORC): a two-way crossover equivalence trial
ESSKA Academy, Freek Hollman, 284406
Combined massive rotator cuff and recurrent shoulder instability
ESSKA Academy, Benjamin Marjanovic, 284407
Mid-term outcomes of subacromial balloon spacer for the treatment of irreparable rotator cuff tears
ESSKA Academy, Emmanouil BRILAKIS, 284408
The role of blood lipids levels in rotator cuff healing
ESSKA Academy, Maros VARGA, 284409
Use of an electrocautery device during shoulder arthroscopy- is it really safe?
ESSKA Academy, Alexandra Pokorny-Olsen, 284418
Clinical data evaluation after matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte transplantation: a retrospective study
ESSKA Academy, Thomas, Manfred TIEFENBÖCK, 284419
The potential complication of a central patellar portal technique for arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
ESSKA Academy, Kazumi Goto, 284420
Return to sport rate of team handball players after arthroscopic labral repair
ESSKA Academy, Attila PAVLIK, 284421
The effect of suturing techniques on distal graft diameters in anatomic double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
ESSKA Academy, Takahiro Arakawa, 284422
Knee infection following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
ESSKA Academy, Alan Ivkovic, 284423
Comprehensive exercise therapy in management of musculoskeletal disorders
ESSKA Academy, Farzaneh Torkan, 284424
Bipolar bone loss in patients with traumatic anterior shoulder instability: effectiveness of glenoid bone graft augmentation alone
ESSKA Academy, Norishige Iizawa, 284425
Differential diagnoses of lateral elbow pain. Diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms
ESSKA Academy, Christos Koukos, 284434
Forgotten Joint Score - 12 after ACL reconstruction and factors related to high score
ESSKA Academy, Mohammed Alsubaie, 284435
Movement quality assessments during the one leg countermovement jump test in youth soccer players
ESSKA Academy, Giordano Scinicarelli, 284436
Evaluation of the myofascial chain and functional movement tests in patients after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
ESSKA Academy, Maciej Bialy, 284437
The effect of tight medial patellofemoral ligament fixation
ESSKA Academy, Kaori Nakamura, 284438
Outcomes of autograft ACL reconstruction in the over 50's - a minimum 2 year follow up study
ESSKA Academy, Raj Ramesh Thakrar, 284439
Functional outcomes following PCL reconstruction surgery using an all-inside approach with graft reinforcement
ESSKA Academy, Raj Ramesh Thakrar, 284440
Outcome evaluation of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament repair using reinforced tape: a two-year follow-up
ESSKA Academy, Andrzej Mioduszewski, 284441
Postoperative results on computer assisted planning and navigation of femoral head reduction osteotomies in severe perthes deformities
ESSKA Academy, Fabio A. Casari, 284450
Morphology of ATFL rupture based on ultrasound imaging
ESSKA Academy, Andrzej Mioduszewski, 284451
Musculotendinous injuries of the proximal biceps femoris: a prospective study of 64 patients with treated surgically
ESSKA Academy, Atif Ayuob, 284452
Surgical management of chronic incomplete avulsion injuries of the proximal hamstrings
ESSKA Academy, Atif Ayuob, 284453
How we manage post-rupture Achilles tendinopathy - a retrospective study
ESSKA Academy, Radu PREJBEANU, 284454
Clinical assessment and management in acute dislocations of the knee (camadok) - current treatment philosophies in the United Kingdom
ESSKA Academy, Randeep Aujla, 284455
Os fabella Syndrome in a professional swimmer
ESSKA Academy, Rosa Lopez-Vidriero Tejedor, 284456
Conservative treatment for injuries of the medial collateral ligament using platelet rich plasma (PRP) and hight intensity laser (HIL)
ESSKA Academy, Ivan Vassilev, 284457
Variability of functional knee phenotypes in osteoarthritic knees shows that a more personalized approach in TKA is needed
ESSKA Academy, Lukas Moser, 285954
Septic knee arthritis following joint injections: myth or reality? 16 years retrospective study in a multi-specialist hospital
ESSKA Academy, Michael Clarius, 285793
Fatty infiltration and muscle atrophy: what does it mean and what happens after repair
ESSKA Academy, Michael HANTES, 285800
BMAC/PRP - The Case Against
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285788
ESSKA Academy, Michael Carmont, 285807
Long leg films
ESSKA Academy, A. Meric UNAL, 285792
Critical shoulder angle: does lateral acromioplasty have a role in preventing re-rupture?
ESSKA Academy, Geoffroy Nourissat, 285799
BMAC/PRP - The Case For
ESSKA Academy, Francesca Vannini, 285787
Short-leg films
ESSKA Academy, Daniel Guenther, 285791
ESSKA Academy, Giuseppe Milano, 285806
Correlation of typical pain patterns with bone tracer uptake in SPECT/CT in patients with pain after total knee arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Dominic MATHIS, 286408
The learning curve and alignment assessment of an image-free handheld robot in tka: the first patient series in Europe
ESSKA Academy, Peter Bollars, 286407
Is there any benefit in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in patients over 60 years old?
ESSKA Academy, Panagiotis Ntagiopoulos, 286396
Acute surgical repair of semimembranosus injuries in professional athletes
ESSKA Academy, Atif Ayuob, 286395
Ten year outcomes following hip arthroscopy in adolescent atheltes
ESSKA Academy, Marc Philippon, 286394
Superior knee flexor strength at 2 years with all-inside short-graft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction vs a conventional hamstring technique
ESSKA Academy, Panagiotis KOULOUMENTAS, 286393
Balancing of total knee arthroplasty by bone cuts achieves accurately balanced soft tissues without the need for soft tissue releases and leaves the limb in natural alignment
ESSKA Academy, Ponky Firer, 286403
A comparative study with novel percutaneous repair and open repair of an acute achilles tendon rupture: novel usage of intraoperative ultrasonography
ESSKA Academy, Chan Kang, 285207
The augmentation technique for anatomical reduction of shortened lateral ligament complex in modified brostr��m procedure
ESSKA Academy, Chan Kang, 285208
Satisfaction analysis of Figure 8 (open heel) short leg cast
ESSKA Academy, Chan Kang, 285209
Analysis of safety and effectiveness of a wireless telerehabitition system in the Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty immediate postoperative period
ESSKA Academy, Salvi Prat-Fabregat, 285210
Clinical and structural outcomes after superior capsular reconstruction and augmentation for massive rotator cuff tears using the long head biceps tendon as a graft
ESSKA Academy, Paulo Jose Llinas Hernandez, 285211
Zoledronic acid substantially improves healing after rotator cuff reconstruction in a rodent chronic defect model
ESSKA Academy, Jakob Schanda, 285212
Rehabilitation program in adolescent athletes with spondylolysis
ESSKA Academy, Marina Peña García, 285213
Current TKA alignment concepts do not aim to achieve the native coronal alignment of a patient
ESSKA Academy, Lukas Moser, 285245
Joint line descends and patellar height ascends in posterior cruciate retaining or sacrificing total knee arthroplasty with the same clinical outcomes
ESSKA Academy, Gloria Pedemonte Parram, 285246
Medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: Correcting to neutral might be the wrong answer?
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285247
Midterm (10 year average) results of ACl deficient knees following non mobile UKA: Can we achieve high survivorship and excellent outcomes?
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285248
Anemia, decompensated diabetes and poor functional situation, act as independent factors of worse outcomes in total knee arthroplasties
ESSKA Academy, Barbara Nicolau Miralles, 285249
Patellofemoral arthrosis does not negatively effect outcomes following unicompartmental arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285250
A multimodal approach to rotator cuff tears: pain, satisfaction and functional outcomes of rotator cuff repair with bovine bioinductive patch
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285251
Ultrastructural assessment of the anterolateral ligament
ESSKA Academy, Andrea Redler, 285252
Failure rates and functional outcomes of allograft and autograft bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPTB) anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in patients < 30 year
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285253
Predicting failure rates of autograft/allograft single-bundle transtibial anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a simple 3D CT radiographic evaluation for the
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285254
Return to play and failure rates in a modified arthroscopic Bankart repair in collision & contact athletes
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 285255
Influence of femoral joint obliquity in TKA
ESSKA Academy, Juan Francisco SANCHEZ-SOLER, 286429
Prevalence of bony changes associated with FAI in the hips of elite volleyball players
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 286449
Vail hip sports test as a measure of functional strength
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 286455
Cam morphology and labral tears in asymptomatic international level weightlifters
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 286463
Pre-Course Recommended Reading Materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285256
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ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285257
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ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285258
Pre-course Assessment Questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285259
Course lectures
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285260
Post-course Assessment Questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 285261

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