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Critical value of anterior glenoid bone loss that leads to recurrent glenohumeral instability after arthroscopic Bankart repair
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Sports injuries in throwing athletes: Panel Discussion
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Rehabilitation of upper limb in the overhead athlete
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Wrist injuries in the overhead athletes
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Partial tears of the distal biceps
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Lateral sided elbow pain in the throwing athlete
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Introduction: Why do throwing athletes have injuries of the upper limb?
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ESMA: The management of the retiring professional footballer: Panel Discussion
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Failed Dermal Allograft Procedures in Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears Can Still Improve Pain and Function. The "Biologic Tuberoplasty Effect"
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Gender Differences in Injury Mechanisms, Bone Bruise Patterns, Intra-Articular and Extra-Articular Injuries Associated with Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries from Sports Activity
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Results and complications rate after Arthroscopic Lateral Ligament Repair in Chronic Ankle Instability
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Bacterial biofilms are adherent to graft tissue and inert fixation material in failed ACL reconstructions
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Psychosocial health of the transitioning footballer
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Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in skeletally immature athletes using an all-epiphyseal "over-the-top" technique
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Medication and substance abuse: What do we know?
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Prevalence and Risk Factors for Meniscal Cyst Due to Meniscal Repair
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Driving Ability after Conservative Treatment of Ankle Ligament Ruptures - Evaluation of Brake Response Time
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Critical shoulder angle and acromion index are associated with retear risk after isolated supraspinatus tendon repair at short-term follow up
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A new reduction maneuver in ACL reconstruction surgery
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Career-ending knee injury: Should we operate again…or not?
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Pullout Fixation for Medial Meniscus Posterior Root Tears: Does age really matter ?
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Reliability and validity of preoperative MRI for surgical decision making in the chronic lateral ankle instability
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Which classification system is most valuable for evaluating preoperative supraspinatuss tendon retraction?
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New anatomical single bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using a rounded rectangular dilator
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Potential prognostic factors associated with ankle sprains and the development of ankle instability: a systematic review
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Ankle injury and osteoarthritis through a football career
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Clinical results of All-Arthroscopic Anatomical Reconstruction of Lateral Ankle Ligaments
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Artificial turf for the older footballer: Do or don’t?
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Comparison of Outcomes After Meniscal Repair: Absorbable Versus Non-absorbable Suture
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Augmentation versus MBG for chronic ankle instability: A 5-year RCT
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Threshold Scores for Treatment Success after Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair using Oxford, Constant, and UCLA shoulder score
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Higher Gene Expression of Healing Factors in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tibial Remnant in Acute ACL Reconstruction
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Platelet Rich Plasma As Adjuvant To Autologous Particulated Cartilage For The Treatment Of Chondral Defects
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Biomechanical function on Anterolateral Structure of Knee ~Quantitative Evaluation Using the Electromagnetic Measurement System~
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Maintaining chondrocyte function in human articular cartilage allografts
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Ultrasonographic evaluation of anterolateral ligament injuries: correlation with MRI and pivot shift testing
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Is there an area of lateral tibio-femoral isometry? Results of a cadaveric tomodensitometric study.
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Subchondral drilling improves articular cartilage repair independent of drill hole number in vivo
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Combined reconstruction of the anterolateral ligament in chronic ACL injuries leads to better clinical outcomes than isolated ACL reconstruction
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One-stage Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Depending on Bone Defect Due to Tunnel Widening: 5 to 15-Year Follow-up
ESSKA Academy, Kyoung Ho Yoon, 218028
ICRS/ESSKA: Use of biologics for OA: Panel Discussion
ESSKA Academy, Session Speakers, 219004
Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Restores Knee Laxity but Shows Inferior Subjective Knee Outcome compared to Primary Reconstruction.
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Vancomycin in ACL reconstruction - a retrospective analysis of clinical outcome and occurrence of postoperative deep infection with or without graft-presoaking
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Pre-soaking of hamstring grafts reduces risk of infection after ACL-reconstruction. A prospective study including 1500 patients
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Allogenic stem cell therapy- clinical prospective
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ESSKA Academy, Tony van Tienen, 217897
Stem cells surgical implantation- any evidence?
ESSKA Academy, Alberto Gobbi, 214329
Meniscal repair: Outcomes in 2018: Panel Discussion
ESSKA Academy, Session Speakers, 219003
Implantation of Autogenous Meniscal Fragments Wrapped With a Fascia Sheath Enhances Fibrocartilage Regeneration In Vivo In A Large Harvest Site Defect: An Experimental Study With Sheep
ESSKA Academy, Yasuyuki Kawaguchi, 217896
Stem cells injections- any evidence?
ESSKA Academy, Konrad Slynarski, 214328
The Acute Effect of Running on Knee Articular Cartilage Post Menisectomy on MRI T2 Mapping
ESSKA Academy, Dror Lindner, 217895
Outside-In all arthroscopic procedure
ESSKA Academy, Joon Wang, 214325
Effect of Lateral Meniscus Transplantation on ACL Reconstructed Knee Stability
ESSKA Academy, Joon Wang, 217894
Effect of Mensical Ramp Repair on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament: A Biomechanical Study
ESSKA Academy, Thomas Pfeiffer, 217893
Inside-Out with mini-open Approach
ESSKA Academy, Ryosuke Kuroda, 214324
Repair of the lateral posterior meniscal root improves stability in an acl deficient knee in a robotic biomechanical setup.
ESSKA Academy, Philipp Forkel, 217892
All-Inside Lateral Meniscal Repair via Lateral Portal Increases Risk of Vascular injury: A Cadaveric Study
ESSKA Academy, David Mao, 217891
All inside
ESSKA Academy, David Dejour , 214323
Arthroscopic repair of complete radial meniscus tear: designing and evaluating novel suture techniques
ESSKA Academy, Guanqi Hang, 217890
New minimally invasive Achilles tendon reconstruction technique for neglected Achilles tendon ruptures - biomechanical analysis and 1-y clinical follow-up results.
ESSKA Academy, Pawel Bakowski, 217994
Femoroacetabular Impingement in Junior Elite Cross-Country Skiers
ESSKA Academy, Simen Sveen, 217990
Immediate Effects of Photobiomodulation Therapy on Achilles Tendon Structural and Viscoelastic Properties
ESSKA Academy, Patrick Corrigan, 217993
Sport practice after medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy and flexor digitorum longus transfer for stage II adult flatfoot: 3 years follow-up
ESSKA Academy, Claudia A Di Silvestri, 217989
Prospective, randomized trial evaluating outcomes of reconstruction of complete achilles tendon rupture with and without Msc with a minimum of 1 year follow-up.
ESSKA Academy, Urszula Zdanowicz, 217992
Does Medial Meniscal Allograft Transplantation With the Bone-Plug Technique Restore the Anatomic Location of the Native Medial Meniscus?
ESSKA Academy, Seongil Bin, 217980
Influence of equipment on chronical repetitive stress complaints in tennis
ESSKA Academy, Kai Fehske, 217988
Functional results following the treatment of Achilles tendinopathic tears - a comparative prospective study of two surgical options
ESSKA Academy, Radu PREJBEANU, 217991
Expectations and mid-term results of 196 Meniscal Allograft Transplants determined by indication
ESSKA Academy, Tim Spalding, 217979
Soft Tissue Resurfacing for Glenohumeral Arthritis: A Systematic Review
ESSKA Academy, Joshua Meaike, 217987
Extrusion in meniscal allograft transplantation. Is the lateral capsular fixation the solution?
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Mid- to longterm outcome of glenohumeral microfracturing.
ESSKA Academy, Julia Frank, 217986
ESSKA Academy, Kyoung Ho Yoon, 217977
Advantages of stemless over conventional-stemmed shoulder arthroplasty in revision surgery
ESSKA Academy, Daniel Smolen, 217985
The stiff and unstable elbow
ESSKA Academy, Luigi Pederzini, 214316
An In Vivo Comparison of Transplanted Lateral Meniscal Allografts to the Native Meniscus Using Three Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstructions
ESSKA Academy, Nick Smith, 217976

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