ESSKA Academy, Carsten Tibesku, 285894
Techniques for revision of reverse shoulder arthroplasty: glenoid component
ESSKA Academy, Philipp Heuberer, 285886
I-pod navigation
ESSKA Academy, Matteo Denti, 285893
Techniques for revision of reverse shoulder arthroplasty: humeral component
ESSKA Academy, Jean Kany, 285885
Biomechanics of failure of reverse shoulder arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Mustafa KARAHAN, 285884
Work-up and management of infection in shoulder arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Rui Claro, 285883
Management of bone loss in rotator cuff tear arthropathy
ESSKA Academy, Giuseppe Milano, 285882
Is replacement an option?
ESSKA Academy, Akos KYNSBURG, 285879
Importance of pre-op planning 2 D
ESSKA Academy, Pieter Erasmus, 285888
Avoiding risks with tendon transfers
ESSKA Academy, Roman Brzôska, 285881
Is fusion career ending?
ESSKA Academy, Hélder Pereira, 285878
RC Tear arthropathy and pseudoparalysis: where are the limits for repair?
ESSKA Academy, Emmanuel Antonogiannakis, 285880
Calc or tibial osteomies, which work?
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285877
Alignment of patella
ESSKA Academy, Francesco GIRON, 285864
Case 6 - Revision arthroscopic RCT repair
ESSKA Academy, Angel CALVO, 285870
Rotational tibia
ESSKA Academy, Simone Cerciello, 285863
How to deal with the deltoid injury
ESSKA Academy, Daniel HAVERKAMP, 285856
Case 4 - Reverse arthroplasty VS other options
ESSKA Academy, Pascal Gleyze, 285868
Coronal tibia
ESSKA Academy, Pedro Hinarejos, 285861
Rotational femur
ESSKA Academy, Oliver Kessler, 285860
Management of the chronic injury
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285855
Case 3 - Combined massive rotator cuff and recurrent shoulder instability
ESSKA Academy, Benjamin Marjanovic, 285867
Saggital aligument in TKA
ESSKA Academy, Artur Kröll, 285859
Management of the acute injury
ESSKA Academy, Chris Pearce, 285854
Case 2 - Failure of rotator cuff repair
ESSKA Academy, Roger Hackney, 285866
Coronal femur
ESSKA Academy, Joan Leal-Blanquet, 285858
Optimising diagnosis
ESSKA Academy, James Calder, 285853
Jointline obliquity
ESSKA Academy, Aleksey Karpukhin, 285857
Re-injury! Who is responsible for it?
ESSKA Academy, Tomas Fernandez Jaen, 285850
Patella height after open wedge HTO _x0096_ depending on surgical technique?
ESSKA Academy, Bogdan Ambrozic, 285843
Prevention strategies! Does it work?
ESSKA Academy, Dr. Tom Patt, 285849
Chiba Osteotomy _x0096_ Indication and technique
ESSKA Academy, Umito Kuwashima, 285842
Is there still a place for lateral closed wedge HTO
ESSKA Academy, Elvire Servien, 285841
Muscle Surgery ! When and why?
ESSKA Academy, Jordi PUIGDELLIVOL, 285847
Early ankle arthritis treatment
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285852
Combined procedures: ACL and HTO
ESSKA Academy, Konrad SLYNARSKI, 285838
How to treat? Different conservative approaches and results
ESSKA Academy, Francesco Della Villa, 285846
OCL with ankle instability
ESSKA Academy, Chris Pearce, 285851
Which alignment in sagittal and coronal plane in case of planned ACL or PCL reconstruction?
ESSKA Academy, Dietrich Pape, 285837
How to identify ? Is there an optimal classification?
ESSKA Academy, Ricardo Pruna, 285845
Which alignment should we target for medial compartment OA?
ESSKA Academy, Matt Dawson, 285835
Injury Mechanism and Diagnosis
ESSKA Academy, Isabel Guillén, 285844
Subacromial spacer
ESSKA Academy, Ladislav Kovacic, 285827
Tendon transfer for anterosuperior cuff: PM
ESSKA Academy, Jean Kany, 285825
Tendon transfer for posterosuperior cuff: LT
ESSKA Academy, Emilio Calvo, 285824
Kinematic alignment
ESSKA Academy, Pier Indelli, 285817
Tendon transfer for posterosuperior cuff: LD
ESSKA Academy, Jean Kany, 285823
Mechanical alignment
ESSKA Academy, Enrique Gomez Barrena, 285816
Biceps autograft
ESSKA Academy, Johannes Barth, 285822
Tibial plafond OCL
ESSKA Academy, Christiaan van Bergen, 285813
Anatomical alignment
ESSKA Academy, Matthieu Ollivier, 285815
Paediatric Cartilage Lesions
ESSKA Academy, Chris Pearce, 285812
Patch graft augmentation
ESSKA Academy, Christophe CHAROUSSET, 285820
Terminology and Summary
ESSKA Academy, Eoghan Hurley, 285811
ESSKA Academy, Michael T. Hirschmann, 285814
Partial repair
ESSKA Academy, Gonzalo Samitier, 285819
Nucleotide imaging
ESSKA Academy, Luigi Sabatini, 285797
Treatment of massive irreparable cuff tears: decision-making process
ESSKA Academy, Giuseppe Milano, 285805
ESSKA Academy, Guillaume Demey, 285796
Patient_x0092_s expectation in RCR: what is its role?
ESSKA Academy, Roger Hackney, 285804
Bull Performers
ESSKA Academy, José Henrique JONES, 285810
Nonoperative treatment: the role of rehabilitation
ESSKA Academy, Mikel Aramberri, 285803
ESSKA Academy, Jan VERHAAR, 285795
Vitamin D and the Athlete
ESSKA Academy, Bill Ribbans, 285790
Horse Performers
ESSKA Academy, Angelina Lukaszensko, 285809
Shoulder injections: options, ultrasound assistance, evidences
ESSKA Academy, Nuno Gomes, 285802
ESSKA Academy, Hermann Mayr, 285794
Excellent results in the surgical rehabilitation of Hallux Valgus, even in moderate to severe forms of the disease, with a combination of Chevron osteotomy and modified McBride procedure with two and a half years of follow-up
ESSKA Academy, Prodromos Natsaridis, 284348
Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis vs arthroscopic tibio-talo-calcaneal fusion: Outcomes and patient satisfaction
ESSKA Academy, Apostolos Polyzos, 284349
Achilles peritendinitis: endoscopic or open tenolysis?
ESSKA Academy, Gian Luigi Canata, 284350
Prognosis of MACI (matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantation) after osteochondral lesions of the talus
ESSKA Academy, Atesch Ateschrang, 284351
Endoscopic treatment for chronic achilles tendon rupture on high demand patients
ESSKA Academy, Joao Caetano, 284352
Functional knee phenotypes - a novel classification for the lower limb alignment based on the native alignment in young non-osteoarthritic patients
ESSKA Academy, Lukas Moser, 284364
Current TKA alignment concepts change the coronal alignment of OA patients
ESSKA Academy, Lukas Moser, 284365
Third generation medially-congruent TKA better reproduce knee kinematics when compared to posterior-stabilized designs
ESSKA Academy, Pier Indelli, 284366
Tivanium posterior-stabilized (PS) total knee arthroplasty (TKA) for nickel intolerance
ESSKA Academy, Gian Luigi Canata, 284367
Primary total stabizer knee arthroplasty: clinical and radiographic outcomes at short-mid-term follow-up
ESSKA Academy, Michele Giuntoli, 284368
Conventional Cutting guides reliability during Total Knee Replacement in coronal plane. A retrospective Study
ESSKA Academy, Joan Leal-Blanquet, 284380
The effect of preoperative adjustment in planning to account for an elevated joint line convergence angle on the accuracy of periarticular knee osteotomies - a pilot study
ESSKA Academy, Iyaad Ahsan, 284381
Correlation between the tibial cutting guide/Jig and tibial resections in total knee arthroplasty: a prospective study
ESSKA Academy, Thomas MUELLNER, 284382
New posterior-stabilized rotating-platform TKA design partially restores normal knee kinematic both during activity of daily living and high demanding motor task
ESSKA Academy, Stefano Zaffagnini, 284383
Tibio-fibular angle: a new landmark for coronal alignment?
ESSKA Academy, Simone Perelli, 284396
Simultaneous bilateral knee arthroplasty: functional outcomes and complications in 22 cases. A prospective single-centre study
ESSKA Academy, Bostjan Gosnik, 284397
Patient-specific high-tibial osteotomy cutting-guide: a learning curve analysis
ESSKA Academy, Matthieu Ollivier, 284398
Tibial slope measure depends on ethnicity, gender and lower-limb alignment
ESSKA Academy, Matthieu Ollivier, 284399
Needle based, arthroscopic, transosseous rotator cuff repair - short term clinical results
ESSKA Academy, Ehud Atoun, 284412
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) with 3D navigation (GPS surgery) for glenoid components: surgical technique and preliminary results
ESSKA Academy, Silvio Mezzari, 284413
Rotator cuff bursal side tear after calcium deposit removal: Should we suture it or not?
ESSKA Academy, Nina Magnitskaya, 284414
3D kinematic analysis of the scapulothoracic motion using inertial sensors in healthy subjects and patients with rotator cuff tears
ESSKA Academy, Christos Yiannakopoulos, 284415
Systematic review and appraisal of clinical practice guidelines for sports-related concussion
ESSKA Academy, Steven Dayton, 284428
Arthroscopic assisted tibial plafond fracture fixation and bone graft: surgical technique
ESSKA Academy, Daniel Marsland, 284429
Does bone loss accompany soft tissue based posterior shoulder instability? A retrospective MRI study
ESSKA Academy, Özlem Orhan, 284430
Distal radius epiphysitis in a young gymnast: Review of the literature based on a case study
ESSKA Academy, Jose Luis Patiño, 284431
A 3D surface imaging method to assess the weight-bearing foot arch deformation
ESSKA Academy, Anne-Laure Ménard, 284444
Changes in femoral bony morphology seen on MRI over three years in youth asymptomatic hockey players
ESSKA Academy, Karen Briggs, 284445
Posterior cruciate ligament repair with suture tape augmentation: Minimum 2-year patient-reported outcome measures
ESSKA Academy, Graeme P Hopper, 284446
Percutaneous repair of Achilles tendon rupture under ultrasound surveillance - new intraoperative visualization approach with two years follow up
ESSKA Academy, Mikolaj Wróbel, 284447
ESSKA Academy, Hélder Pereira, 285789
Variability of functional knee phenotypes in osteoarthritic knees shows that a more personalized approach in TKA is needed
ESSKA Academy, Lukas Moser, 285954
Septic knee arthritis following joint injections: myth or reality? 16 years retrospective study in a multi-specialist hospital
ESSKA Academy, Alfonso Manzotti, 286348

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