Verma Technique
ESSKA Academy, Paula Helena Ferreira da Silva, 311199
ESSKA European Specialists Core Curriculum (Download PDF)
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA, 297669
Pre-course reading materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288276
ESSKA Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course - ALL about Instability & OTHER Glenohumeral Disorders, 12&13 March 2020, Watford, UK
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288281
Pre-course visual materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288277
Pre-course assessment questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288278
Course lectures
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288279
Post-course assessment questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 288280
ESSKA Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course - ALL about ACL, 10 & 11 December 2019 in Munich, Germany
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286688
ESSKA Advanced Ankle Arthroscopy Course - ALL about Hindfoot Sporting Injuries, 9 & 10 December 2019 in Munich, Germany
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286721
Post-course Assessment Questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286687
Course lectures
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286686
Course lectures
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286719
Pre-course Assessment Questionnaire
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286685
Pre-Course Recommended Visual Materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286684
Pre-Course Recommended Visual Materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286717
Pre-Course Recommended Reading Materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286683
Pre-Course Recommended Reading Materials
ESSKA Academy, ESSKA , 286716
Technique hindfoot arthroscopy.
ESSKA Academy, Daniel HAVERKAMP, 286829
Role of the human orthopedic surgeon
ESSKA Academy, Nanne KORT, 285896
ESSKA Academy, Michael Liebensteiner, 285895
Abstract: neurological injury following metalwork removal for Lisfranc joint injury
ESSKA Academy, Dror Maor, 286372
ESSKA Academy, Carsten Oliver TIBESKU, 285894
Techniques for revision of reverse shoulder arthroplasty: glenoid component
ESSKA Academy, Philipp Heuberer, 285886
I-pod navigation
ESSKA Academy, Matteo Denti, 285893
Autologous osteochondral transplantation for large osteochondral lesions of the talus produces excellent outcomes in an athletic population
ESSKA Academy, Arul Ramasamy, 286371
Techniques for revision of reverse shoulder arthroplasty: humeral component
ESSKA Academy, Jean Kany, 285885
Endoscopic FHL transfer for acute Achilles tendon rupture: A hybrid model of treatment
ESSKA Academy, Apostolos Polyzos, 286370
Customised Knee Arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Roland Becker, 285892
Posterior arthroscopic ankle release in patients with symptomatic restriction of ankle dorsiflexion secondary to posterior hinge impingement (PHI) – a consecutive, prospective case series.
ESSKA Academy, Benjamin Hickey, 286369
Biomechanics of failure of reverse shoulder arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Mustafa KARAHAN, 285884
ESSKA Academy, Jean Yves Jenny, 285891
Pressure sensors
ESSKA Academy, Michael Engl, 285890
Work-up and management of infection in shoulder arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Rui Claro, 285883
Importance of pre-op planning 3 D
ESSKA Academy, Henrik Behrend, 285889
Management of bone loss in rotator cuff tear arthropathy
ESSKA Academy, Giuseppe Milano, 285882
Athlete injury! From the field the field Retired players, what changes?: Discussion
ESSKA Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 287161
Is replacement an option?
ESSKA Academy, Akos KYNSBURG, 285879
Importance of pre-op planning 2 D
ESSKA Academy, Pieter Erasmus, 285888
Athlete injury! From the field the field Retired players, what changes?
ESSKA Academy, Michel D'Hooghe, 285898
Athlete injury! From the field the field Retired players, what changes?
ESSKA Academy, Antonio MAESTRO, 285900
Athlete injury! From the field the field Retired players, what changes?
ESSKA Academy, Ricardo Pereira, 285901
Athlete injury! From the field the field Retired players, what changes?
ESSKA Academy, Fernando Ruiz Hierro, 285902
Is fusion career ending?
ESSKA Academy, Hélder Miguel Duarte PEREIRA, 285878
RC Tear arthropathy and pseudoparalysis: where are the limits for repair?
ESSKA Academy, Emmanuel Antonogiannakis, 285880
Long term outcome of total knee arthroplasty in young patients with rheumatoid arthritis
ESSKA Academy, Harshil Vora, 286392
Calc or tibial osteomies, which work?
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285877
Does the tibial cut affect patellofemoral knee kinematics and pressure distribution in total knee arthroplasty with constitutional varus-alignment?
ESSKA Academy, Martin Faschingbauer, 286391
Biofilm different adhesion to silver and tin coated surfaces
ESSKA Academy, Fabio Conteduca, 286390
A new standard for the safe introduction of orthopaedic implants: Beyond compliance, the unity knee
ESSKA Academy, Edward Matthews, 286389
Diagnosis and surgical treatment of popliteal artery entrapment syndrome in elite athletes
ESSKA Academy, Rosa Lopez-Vidriero Tejedor, 286402
Mid term functional and radiological outcomes are comparable between patient specific instrumentation surgery versus conventional total knee arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Jerry Chen, 286388
Surgical management of distal hamstring non-avulsion T-junction tears
ESSKA Academy, Atif Ayuob, 286401
Sensor-based lower limb kinematics in young football players: new frontiers of injury prevention
ESSKA Academy, Stefano Zaffagnini, 286400
Alignment of patella
ESSKA Academy, Francesco GIRON, 285864
Case 6 - Revision arthroscopic RCT repair
ESSKA Academy, Angel CALVO, 285870
Rotational tibia
ESSKA Academy, Simone Cerciello, 285863
Case 5 - Massive RCT and patient specific rehabilitation in sportsmen
ESSKA Academy, Ettore Taverna, 285869
Sleep, recovery and performance
ESSKA Academy, Tim Meyer, 285875
How to deal with the deltoid injury
ESSKA Academy, Daniel HAVERKAMP, 285856
Case 4 - Reverse arthroplasty VS other options
ESSKA Academy, Pascal Gleyze, 285868
Coronal tibia
ESSKA Academy, Pedro Hinarejos, 285861
Rotational femur
ESSKA Academy, Oliver Kessler, 285860
Management of the chronic injury
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285855
Case 3 - Combined massive rotator cuff and recurrent shoulder instability
ESSKA Academy, Benjamin Marjanovic, 285867
Oxygen Therapy: why hiperbaric chambers? why hipobaric chamber?
ESSKA Academy, Lior Laver, 285873
Saggital aligument in TKA
ESSKA Academy, Artur Kröll, 285859
Management of the acute injury
ESSKA Academy, Chris Pearce, 285854
Case 2 - Failure of rotator cuff repair
ESSKA Academy, Roger Hackney, 285866
Biomarkers and Metabolomics in sports. What do we know about?
ESSKA Academy, Luis Serratosa, 285872
Coronal femur
ESSKA Academy, Joan Leal-Blanquet, 285858
Optimising diagnosis
ESSKA Academy, James Calder, 285853
Jointline obliquity
ESSKA Academy, Aleksey Karpukhin, 285857
Case 1 - Traumatic rotator cuff tear with shoulder stiffness
ESSKA Academy, Carlos Dias, 285865
Patient specific mini-metal implants. The future of cartilage repair for the right patient?
ESSKA Academy, Johannes Holz, 286387
Does nanohydroxiapatite promote bone healing in open wedge high tibial osteotomy? A long term CT study
ESSKA Academy, Fabio Conteduca, 286386
Tibial Condylar Valgus Osteotomy (TCVO): an intra-articular osteotomy for severe varus deformities: rationale and short term results
ESSKA Academy, Milind Chaudhary, 286385
Preoperative prediction of the graft size used in Superior Capsular Reconstruction using MRI
ESSKA Academy, Christos YIANNAKOPOULOS, 286382
The "all-inside" arthroscopic Broström-Gould procedure with anterior talofibular ligament repair and additional retinaculum augmentation: a prospective study of 30 consecutive patients
ESSKA Academy, Sung-Hyun Lee, 286368
Does arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction keep its promises – an Austrian short-term prospective clinical and radiological analysis and comparison to debridement and partial repair in irreparable rotator cuff tears
ESSKA Academy, Philipp Heuberer, 286380
Ossoscopy of OCD lesions, stage 2-3, 6 a follow up of 24 cases
ESSKA Academy, Ernst Orthner, 286366
Patella height after open wedge HTO depending on surgical technique?
ESSKA Academy, Bogdan Ambrozic, 285843
7a results of the first 100 cases of a totally new designed total ankle arthroplasty with main focus on universal use in all kinds of deformity, balancing and increasing ROM
ESSKA Academy, Ernst Orthner, 286365
Prevention strategies! Does it work?
ESSKA Academy, Dr. Tom Patt, 285849
Distal tibial osteotomy for varus ankle arthritis: a systematic review
ESSKA Academy, Randeep Aujla, 286364
Chiba Osteotomy: Indication and technique
ESSKA Academy, Umito Kuwashima, 285842
Short-term outcome after arthroscopic rotator cuff revision, augmented with an autologous fibrin scaffold and bone marrow cells from the proximal humerus
ESSKA Academy, Andreas Voss, 286378
Is there still a place for lateral closed wedge HTO
ESSKA Academy, Elvire SERVIEN, 285841
Clinical and radiological outcomes of large and massive rotator cuff tears treated with arthroscopic augmented rotator cuff repairs using extracellular matrix patch
ESSKA Academy, Ali Narvani, 286377
Double level osteotomy and joint-line orientation
ESSKA Academy, Kristian Kley, 285840
Muscle Surgery ! When and why?
ESSKA Academy, Jordi Puigdellivol, 285847
Early ankle arthritis treatment
ESSKA Academy, Alastair Younger, 285852
Accuracy of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of rotator cuff tears – A comparative observational study
ESSKA Academy, Efstratios Gerakopoulos, 286374
Combined procedures: ACL and HTO
ESSKA Academy, Konrad Slynarski, 285838
How to treat? Different conservative approaches and results
OCL with ankle instability
ESSKA Academy, Chris Pearce, 285851
Which alignment in sagittal and coronal plane in case of planned ACL or PCL reconstruction?
ESSKA Academy, Dietrich Pape, 285837
Which alignment should we target for medial compartment OA?
ESSKA Academy, Matt Dawson, 285835
Injury Mechanism and Diagnosis
ESSKA Academy, Isabel Guillén, 285844
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty
ESSKA Academy, Bruno Toussaint, 285828

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